Salvation Army Now Accepting Credit Cards

By Admin  Dec, 02, 2009  

Another sign of the times folks…

This year, the Salvation Army red kettles, often situated outside of department stores and supermarkets during the holiday season, will accept credit cards as a form of payment.

No longer can you use the excuse, “I don’t have any cash on me, just my credit cards.”

Many of the signature red collection kettles will now be outfitted with credit card machines that give donors the option to specify an amount and receive a paper receipt in return.

That’s handy for keeping track of donations for tax purposes, and it may even lead to more money for the charitable organization.

The Salvation Army’s marketing director said the average credit card donation was a staggering $14, compared to just $2 for cash donations.

What a difference plastic makes…

Credit card issuers that receive interchange fees are also likely to profit from the increased use of credit cards, which now seem to be accepted nearly everywhere, from parking meters to valet and beyond.

The Salvation Army said the credit card transactions are being handled by a reputable third-party company and are completely safe.

It’s unclear if both American Express and Discover, as well as Visa/MasterCard-branded credit cards are accepted.

(photo: justinlai)

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