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One-upping Google, Facebook Has Become a Payments Platform

By Jasmine Pinschof  Feb, 26, 2012  

In its S-1 filing (a securities registration statement) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Facebook is telling us that in 2011 it generated $557 million in revenue from payments and other fees. That is up by 425 percent from the $106 million total for 2010, which itself was up by 715 percent from the 2009 total of $13 million.

The social networks only other revenue source is advertising, which, while still far bigger in absolute terms, is quickly decreasing as a share of the overall total. In 2009 advertising had a share of more than 98 percent, which by the end of 2010 had decreased to less than 95 percent and last year it shrank to 85 percent.

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Best Loans made easy

By Admin  Feb, 20, 2012  

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The Debt-Free Movement and Credit Repair

By Michael McConachy  Feb, 17, 2012  

On August 4, 2011, the national debt was reportedly soaring at $14.34 trillion dollars. Fortunately, U.S. consumers are not following suit. Despite the government’s declining financial status, households across the country are taking a closer look at their own creditworthiness and, where applicable, their credit repair as well. As of 2011, the average credit score rose for the fourth consecutive year, totaling just under 700 points. Not only does this trend promise a brighter future for individuals, it could help jump-start the economy as well.

Fortune for the Every-Man In the wake of a 9 percent unemployment rate, the devaluation of the American dollar, and an unsure economic future, it is no surprise that the average household is taking precautions to ensure financial security. A

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An Answer to the Question: If I have a Chase credit card, can I just change the type of account it is without opening a new one?

By Oliver Dalrymple  Feb, 17, 2012  

An Answer to the Question: If I have a Chase credit card, can I just change the type of account it is without opening a new one? Credit Card Author | February 15, 2012 |

Heres a good question from boo with an even better answer, enjoy:

Ive had a Chase card for several years now and I want to know if I can change that to the Disney Rewards card through Chase Bank. I dont really want to open a new account, but if I can just easily change my existing Chase card to be the Disney Chase card, that would be great. Basically, I just want a card with rewards without having to close my current one and open a new one.

Answer: As a Chase Credit Card Customer,I will tell you that this cannot be done. I tried it myself.

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FTC Gives More Guidance on Expired Debts

By Oliver Dalrymple  Feb, 15, 2012  

Debt collectors routinely try to collect on debts that they know would not be enforceable in court. They may even try to get you to restart the debt by making a partial payment or by transferring the old debt to a new credit card. But, in a lawsuit settlement with one of the biggest debt collectors, the FTC lets the debt collection industry know that collecting on expired, or time-barred debts, is not ok.

The FTC sued Asset Acceptance, a company who might be listed on your credit report, following allegations that the company violated several rules including: telling consumers they owed debt that the collector may not have been able to prove, failing to tell consumers that their debts were past the statute of limitations, and failing to tell consumers that a partial payment would extend the statute of limitations.

In addition to a civil penalty of $2.5 million, Asset Acceptance has agreed to inform consumers when their debts are too old to be legally enforceable and to let consumers know that a partial payment would essentially restart the statute of limitations on that account.

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Seven Steps to Repairing Your Credit Report

By Michael McConachy  Feb, 08, 2012  

“Credit” is an illusory term. The swipe of a card, the arrival of a bill, and perhaps a late payment here or there is where the commitment stops for many people. In a paperless world, it’s easy to ignore credit blunders and the damage done to your credit report. After all, you aren’t required to see it or even know what it contains. If you are struggling with denied loans and late payments, the time to face the music has arrived. Follow the steps below to fix your credit report. Your efforts could save you from a mountain of trouble.

  1. Get the facts. If you haven’t seen a recent copy of your credit report, now is the time. Lexington Law offers a free copy on our website in addition to free consultation services. Our paral

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