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Balloon Loans

By Admin  Jan, 29, 2012  

Quite often in real estate, when it comes to finding the best mortgages, the purchaser takes out what is called a ‘balloon loan’ in order to quickly purchase a piece of property with a minimal amount of money being paid out initially. There are some obvious advantages to balloon loans, but there are some drawbacks as well. One of the best advantages is the fact that interest rates tend to be low so that monthly payments are minimal.

The way a balloon loan works is that it is a long term loan often for 3 or 5 years in which nothing is paid toward the principal. At the time of maturity the entire loan is due and payable in full. Whi Read more…

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Should I Switch My Mortgage?

By Admin  Jan, 29, 2012  

Here is a common scenario: a home owner has signed up to a mortgage or loan a couple of years ago, and has already taken advantage of the introductory offers. Now those offers are ending, and the borrower is beginning to wonder if the grass might not be greener elsewhere.

Alternately, the mortgage on offer did not come with any introductory incentives whatsoever, but the home owner is still getting itchy feet. Perhaps it is a fixed rate mortgage, and the borrower would rather switch to a variable rate.

In either case, home owners are frequently reluctant to engage with the process of switching mortgage providers because of fear that this will be overcomplicated, and they will unwittingly incur penalties. But switching mortgages is often easier than it appears. Read more…

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Free Annual Credit Report and Its Importance Posted By : Suie sun

By Michael McConachy  Jan, 22, 2012  

Free Annual Credit Report and Its Importance – By: Suie sun

Free annual credit report contains all the details that have been sustained on your accounts during latest financial years. Every aspects of your credit are taken care of in a credit file and are gathered when a loan provider runs through your details to provide money.

Credit profile disclosure is the procedure of assisting the loan provider with credit information during the time of inquiring. On the free annual credit report, in case you find mistakes in your report, you could select to correct it by achieving the credit reporting corporation. Every individual who has a social security number is offered free annual credit report.

Credit document is the history of the persons economical record. Read more…

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Who Collects Your Debit Card Fees?

By Jasmine Pinschof  Jan, 19, 2012  

WSJs Robin Sidel has a piece about the effect of the Durbin Amendment on the debit card interchange fees charged by credit unions and small banks. Or rather, the lack of a direct effect, as financial institutions with assets of less than $10 billion were unaffected by the regulation.

That is an interesting topic for a number of reasons and not least because when the exclusion of smaller financial institutions from the Durbin Amendments scope was first proposed, we heard quite a few uneasy voices from the under-$10 billion financial world.

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Good Video : Credit Cards For Bad Credit Part 2 The Best Cards for Bad Credit, I used them to Rebuild My Credit

By Oliver Dalrymple  Jan, 19, 2012  

This is a pretty good video I came across. Wanted to share it with everyone. Enjoy

Part 2 View Credit cards for bad credit video part 1 here View Credit cards for bad credit video part 2 here In part one we covered the story of my life and how my credit was perfect then I went bankrupt, had foreclosures and autos I quickly started the search for credit cards for bad credit individuals like I then went into credit rebuilding mode and started looking and researching credit cards and in the process became an expert in credit cards for bad I have built a website around this and help others that were in my My goal is to help people rebuild their credit and if you see my website you can download for (free as of the date of this publishing) I am not sure how long it will be free but it is a great place for people to start building their credit and getting there life The nice thing is that the credit card companies want you to apply for their credit card; they even pay me if I send people to their website to apply for the credit cards for people with bad I have helped people work on their credit in the past and in some situations they cannot get a unsecured credit You might wonder what a unsecured credit card is?!?!?

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Credit Risk Index Falls for Seventh Consecutive Quarter

By Oliver Dalrymple  Jan, 18, 2012  

For the seventh consecutive quarter, TransUnion’s Credit Risk Index fell, indicating that consumers are eliminating their debts and defaulting on payments in fewer numbers. The index is down from 121.22 to 120.62, a 4.9 percent drop since last year.

“Increases in the percentage of consumers with new accounts with generally higher credit limits, coupled with lower utilization rates for revolving account types reflect a healthier balance of risk, said global chief scientist for TransUnion Chet Wiermanski.

This comes as figures on consumer spending trickle in from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which has thus far indicated a rise of 7.4 percent in credit card usage for holiday spending since last year, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. Cre

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Repair Your Own Credit

By Jasmine Pinschof  Jan, 10, 2012  

You can repair your own credit. Although some companies claim to help rebuild credit scores, the only way to legally fix your credit is to do it on your own, using good financial management strategies.

Rebuilding credit can be much harder than maintaining a good credit score. However, even if your credit score drops very low, through good money management skills and with time you can rebuild your score successfully. The key to doing so is to make wise decisions about how you use credit.

Check Your Report

The first step in repairing your credit is to know what is on your credit report. You can get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus annually by visiting

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Lexington Law’s Credit Repair Services

By Michael McConachy  Jan, 07, 2012  

Credit repair is a serious undertaking. If you choose to work with a credit repair advocate, you need someone you can trust. Lexington Law is proud to have served our clients for two decades. Our core values include:

  • Excellence. At Lexington Law, our results speak for themselves. Our credit repair services have helped over a half-million clients work to repair their credit. Our accessibility, quality of service, and expressed client satisfaction are just a few of the traits that set us apart from the competition. To put interested parties at ease, we offer a free, no obligation consultation. Our staff will help you understand:
    • The positives and negatives of your credit report
    • The components of credit scoring
    • The importance of good credit
    • Ways to improve your score in everyday life
  • Integrity.

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