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Q&A – How to transfer money from my Chase Credit Card to bank account?

By Oliver Dalrymple  Sep, 27, 2011  

Many of you might be asking this same question so Im posting with the answer here. Enjoy. The question is from Jake

I want to transfer money (about $200 or $300) from my US Chase Credit Card to an Indian Bank account. How can this be done? What are all the fees and what is the total? Btw, I am currently in India and I want rupees.I tried investigating on Google, ( believe me, for 2 days ) and the pages I found was VERY complicated, so please answer!

Answer: The APR to take out cash from your credit card are ridiculously high! I would contact chase bank and ask them. For instance, for me if I were to take out any money from my chase credit card I will have 25% APR on it Yeah, not worth it.

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A Credit and Debit Card: 2 Cards in One

By Jasmine Pinschof  Sep, 27, 2011  

Its one of those things that makes you wonder why it wasnt available before. Fifth Third Bank has just introduced Duo, a piece of plastic that works as both a debit card and a credit card.

Fifth Third, based in Cincinnati, says that while various institutions have been testing the cards, it is the first to formally offer it to consumers. Research with its own customers suggested that there was a significant demand for the two-in-one cards, said Stephanie Honan, a spokeswoman for Fifth Third. Many customers use both type of cards debit for smaller purchases, say, and credit for larger purchases they want to pay off over time. So, she said, customers like the idea of being able to choose credit or debit while carrying just one card.

Heres how it works: First, you have to have a checking account at Fifth Third, since debit cards are linked to checking accounts.

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Why a Listing Can Benefit Your Small Business

By Michael McConachy  Sep, 24, 2011  

With over 15 million businesses in its database and considered to be one of the top 10 business credit bureaus in the country, I think is definitely worth your time and attention (InfoGroup) is a division of InfoUSA. The data this bureau compiles on businesses like yours not only allows creditors, lenders, and suppliers to make better informed credit decisions, but it also powers the directory services of the top five Internet search engines.

This allows your company to get found online much faster and easier by both businesses and potential customers!

Additionally, its Points of Interest data is used in 90 percent of in-car navigation systems in the United States.

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Consumers Settling Their Debt On Their Own Becoming A Common Practice Posted By : David Cosell

By Michael McConachy  Sep, 24, 2011  

Our financial history has to be very strong. Delay in repayment of credit card bills, loans, etc affect our personal credit or business credit. When the financial score is affected, it makes life very tough for you. Your loan applications are denied, you might not be allowed to rent a house, and in extreme cases you will also be denied employment. It thus makes life very difficult and in case of need of any funds you will be left with no option. When you get into such a situation, you tend to resort to some expert help. This expert helps you repair your bad financials. However, realizing that credit repair is not a difficult task, now a days most of the people repair their bad financials themselves.
If you wish to save money on credit cards, loans and insurance you need to repair your bad credit. Read more…

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Experts Warn Against Sharing Good Credit Scores with the Unworthy

By Oliver Dalrymple  Sep, 22, 2011  

There are many consumers who have less-than-perfect credit scores these days thanks to the many economic problems facing Americans. However, experts are appealing to those that have been able to maintain their good credit profile not to share their good financial status with others in need.

Since credit scores are used by nearly every industry today, financial experts warn consumers about taking on financial obligations for others because you have a better credit score. This includes becoming a co-signor on a mortgage, car loan, or even a rental application.

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Can’t Pay Off My Credit Card Debt

By Jasmine Pinschof  Sep, 21, 2011  

Although most Americans have credit card debt, some find that they are unable to pay off that debt. Fortunately, if you are unable to pay the debt that you owe on your credit cards you have several options.

There are three main options to assist you with paying off your credit card debt when you find that you are unable to do so by yourself: Consumer Credit Counseling, declaring bankruptcy or radical budgeting. Each option has drawbacks and benefits, and may be combined to best suit your needs.

Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC) is a service in which your credit card debt is combined into one, lump amount of debt, which you pay off simultaneously through a single payment.

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What advantages you can get, checking your credit report

By Admin  Sep, 12, 2011  

People who look through their personal credit reports at least once a year take advantage of the best ways to maintain accurate information. This is the most important financial document that can either provide an opportunity to receive better interest rates, or receive offers terrific high interest because of low credit scores. Getting free credit reports from all three main agencies is the essential step to ensuring that personal data and credit is correct in your file. Read more…

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Personal loans can be useful even with bad credit rating

By Admin  Sep, 11, 2011  

personal loansToday a strict budget and stable income can not be a guarantee that you have a fund of money kept in reserve. While unexpected circumstances, when you really need this money, arise often. This is the result of financial problem the world has to struggle with. The option of personal loans can be used as an affordable solution. You can apply for secured or unsecured type.

The issue of bad credit is not a small detail in the credit industry. Read more…

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